Hadassa and Peri Naua

Hadassa embarked on an initiative to bring to the attention of and to sensitize tourists to participate in an activity that profits both the people of the country as well as aiding an objective humane.

Many people ask us questions on development and social life in Namibia
Hadassa choose to help Peri Naua, an association founded in 2002 by Anne-Lause FRENE, a school teacher from La Meuse.

The main activities of the association are to participate in the development of the Namibian people and thus gives  as follows :

  • Free access to pre-primary education without discriminating  social status.
  • Learn to read and write in the official language of the country: English
  • Assistance with scholar homework.
  • Financial assistance for both primary and secondary education.
  • Basic training and maintaining a small vegetable garden that will provide an inexpensive and yet balanced diet for the children.
  • To operate a school kitchen  - because a full tummy lends to a receptive child.

How can you help us?

Peri Naua is constantly in need of people to bring donated items from France to the designated countries: Clothing & educational materials.

A small space in your luggage can help us.

Peri Naua constantly needs volunteer teachers (English speaking) to train local teachers as pre-primary teachers.

If within your family or friends you know of a student in search of an overseas experience…..please contact Peri Naua.

Upon arrival in France you may have a gift to buy for an occasion like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a Birthday or even Christmas…………
if you remember something you liked in Namibia…….

Contact Peri Naua in France to find it for you. Even if the object is insignificant in size, its value will be ten fold more in sentimental value and given for the pleasure of giving a gift out of the ordinary.

You may have prepared several items like clothing to distribute in Namibia and have not had the opportunity to give such items during your visit……..what to do with them ?

Come and drop them off at Hadassa: We will forward them to Peri Naua, who thanks you and confirms the proper distribution of your donation.Or better yet give them directly to children visiting the school situated in Otjiwarongo, If you would like to visit one of the schools subsidized by Peri Naua during your adventure in Namibia.

Please contact Peri Naua in France or Monique Escurat who is responsible for the school in Otjiwarongo (ausun@africaonline.com.na) or Hadassa – the children adore visitors.

Providing access to an education in the 21st century is not only a NECCESITY, rather a PRIORITY!

The right to an education is universal and permits the contribution to the development of our country.