Hadassa and the Cheetah Conservation Fund

The world's fastest land animal, the cheetah, can reach speeds of 100 kmh. The most specialized member of the cat family, the cheetah also is the most endangered cat in Africa.

Welcom to visit the Cheetah Conservation fund

Learn about the Livestock Guarding Programme or about tracking cheetahs in the wild.

CCF's focus is on research, conservation and education. An extensive modern Visitor and Education Centre encourages visitors to learn about cheetahs, their habitat and issues of conservation, with an opportunity to see resident non-releasable cheetahs, acting as 'cheetah ambassadors' for the species. A stop over at CCF makes a very worthwhile, enjoyable and informative visit for the tourist.

The large modern Education Centre houses a museum that provides visitors and students the opportunity to learn more about the behaviour and biology of the cheetah, and the Namibian ecosystem that supports Africa's most endangered cat species.

All guest who stay one night at Hadassa Guest House receive a discount of 10% on the activities proposed by the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Come experience the fastest animal on earth, enjoy an unforgettable day. Join the protection of cheetahs : visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund

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Thanks to Franck Coudre for his photos